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You shuffle your way to your seat, your oversized cola sloshing precariously against its lid as you carefully navigate past an aisle of movie-goers. The seat thumps as you drop heavily into your chair, stretching out your popcorn and cola in front of you to counter balance your descent. You smile as the lights dim and the projector fires up, “I’ve been waiting for this movie for months” you sputter through a mouthful of popcorn. The opening theme rumbles “Here we go!”


It’s not that good.

Maybe it was the pacing, maybe it was a scene that needed to be deleted or added, or maybe it was Batman v Superman.

“It wasn’t awful” you think to yourself as you leave the theatre “I wonder what they could’ve changed to fix it?”

Glad you said that, because we’ve often wondered that ourselves. What if the Man of Steel wasn’t such a Man of Heel? What if Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull left out all the monkeys? What if Prometheus made even just the smallest bit of sense? Just a tiny bit?!

Each month on I Have Some Notes self proclaimed Movie Experts™ Colin MacIntyre (The Long John Index, Making Whoopee) and Gregg Beever (Inglorious Hipsters) take a movie that sucked, but had potential, and put it through a vigorous podcasting notes process to try to turn it into a blockbuster. Are we always successful? No. Do we always try? Depends how many beers we’ve had.

With the help of dynamite guests such as Jay Runham, Adam Rozenhart, Sam Power, Andrea Beca, Erin Beever and so many others we’ve fixed tepid movies like Terminator: Genisys, Star Trek: Generations, The A-Team and more!

If this sounds like your jam, join us in a journey down screen writing’s toilet on I Have Some Notes!

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