Side Notes

Side Notes: Just Say Fuck!

Side Notes – Just Say F**k!

Comedian Liam Creswick joins the cast as we discuss what we’ve been watching this past month, telling Marvel to please just say fuck or don’t in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Gregg asks that you repeatedly watch the fantastic reboot of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 so Netflix will pick it up for a second season. The …

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Side Notes: Reboot?

Side Notes: Reboot?

We’re back, and it’s time to talk about movies and other junk! Colin and Gregg chat with Scott C. Bourgeois and Erin Beever about what they’ve been watching over the last month. They crew hits on The Expanse, Leverage, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Moana, The Lego Batman Movie and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

I Have Some Notes Oscars Special

1st Annual Oscars Special

It’s Oscar time, and the movie world is abuzz with speculation as to who will be the big winners and losers come Oscar night. Who are the category favourites? Who has the most to gain from an Academy Award? Who will get snubbed the hardest? “Somebody tell me!” you plead, “Give me the cure for my Oscars fever!” …

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Side Notes - Lobster Bisque

Side Notes – Lobster Bisque

Hey film gleeks (that’s film enthusiasts who have trouble controlling their saliva), it’s another Side Notes episode. Colin and Gregg read some follow-up comments to the Mortal Kombat episode, discuss what they’ve been reading recently, revel in a Broadchurch re-watch, discover the secrets sauce of Gilmore Girls and explore the mouth-TV future of Angelina Jolie’s Cyborg 2.

Side Notes – White House Down

Side Notes – White House Down

Welcome back to Side Notes, our mid-month mini episode in which Colin and Gregg discuss the world of entertainment. Colin discusses his progressive exhaustion with “grim and gritty” comic book adaptations, the bizzaro flick The Lobster, hard sci-fi film Arrival and the confounding story devices used in London has Fallen. Gregg reviews the US election, professes his …

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Side Notes - Season Two

Side Notes – Season Two

I Have Some Notes returns for Season Two…sort of! While this a “Side Notes” episode, the mini episodes will now be a permanent feature of the show used to tee up our next full episode, as well as chat about what we’ve been watching and the movie world at large. That means you the listener …

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