How to Host I Have Some Notes

How to Host I Have Some Notes

Dear Patrick Stewart Liam Creswick,

Congratulations on accepting the gig as Host of the ‘I Have Some Notes’ Podcast. While I have no doubt that you will be very successful and enjoy this experience immensely, I thought it might be helpful if I put together some tips and or pointers to help ensure a smooth transition. God knows we put the listeners through enough!

  • Watching the Terrible Movies – Obviously, YES you should probably watch the movie(s) that will be discussed on the particular episode, and YES the whole thing, though it’s perfectly okay to drift in and out of awareness if the movie is quite terrible. I recommend jotting notes on pen and paper, because in some cases, your brain’s defense mechanism is going to try to purge all memory of the terrible movie in an effort to keep you sane.
  • Finding the Terrible Movies – My favourite resource for movies was the Edmonton Public Library; between their very vast catalogue, and their various online resources, you can find pretty much any movie you need. it’s also, a) free and b) very legal to do so! It takes a couple days for EPL to find your movie and put it on hold for you, the EPL Website is pretty accurate as to where an item is located. I once drove 40 minutes to grab a copy of Top Gun because I refused to pay $5 to rent it. 
  • Show Analysis – I always found that a nice walk helped when I was thinking about ways to fix a movie. It gets the creative juices flowing. Safety is your utmost concern here, so stick to parks, sidewalks and river valley paths. Despite what Mary Poppins teaches, rooftops and chimneys are not optimal.
  • Other Preparation for the Show/Preparing a Script in Advance – Is very much NOT RECOMMENDED and i don’t know what kind of monster would suggest such a thing.
  • Taping with Gregg and Scott – The best part about hosting the Show is that Gregg and Scott are both really smart, super duper passionate, and Gold Star orators, so you don’t really have to know that much. Sometimes to help with the show it can be useful to suggest a change and have them engage with it, rather than just delivering a blanket statement. However, please be aware of the following:
    • Be sure to take the odd mental or paper note if discussing the film before taping or during the break, as sometimes that’s where some great observations about a movie occur.
    • If taping at 7pm, it is very likely that neither of Gregg or Scott have had supper. Both of them lead very busy lives, so between leaving their respective jobs for the day, driving home to see their families, squeezing in an episode or two of some sort of ‘Star Trek’, and driving to the podcast, they likely haven’t eaten. Bring a snack.
    • There is a 97.3664% chance that in every episode of the podcast Gregg will some how compare the movie to something within a Star Trek. Scott will agree. Just go with it, it’s harmless.

I think that about covers it. Like I mentioned off the top, I have no doubt you will do wonderful things with the show! With any luck, you’ll be able to helm it to a level of popularity so high that you’ll have your own set of trolls! 

All the best! 

Colin MacIntyre

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