Terminator Genisys

Terminator: Genisys – S01E03

Welcome to the Genisys…of a new episode of I Have Some Notes. This week we look at the time-travel-palooza that is Terminator: Sega Genisys. Our guests this week are the avowed Terminator fan Evan Adnams and the wonderful Erin Beever. Together we explore the plight of the working class Terminator, murder fences, Etch-a-Sketch monsters and so …

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Man of Steel

Man of Steel – S01E01

Good Zod, does it ever feel good to be creating again! Welcome, friends, to my and Colin MacIntyre’s new podcast, I Have Some Notes. We take flawed but salvageable movies and share notes on how to fix them. This month we’re examining Man of Steel with the help of Edmonton entertainment news magnate, Jay Runham, …

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