Tweaking: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Tweaking: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Let’s face it, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a miracle. J.J. Abrams took on a monumental task reviving the biggest franchise in movie history and somehow managed to please critics and fans alike. He successfully married the classic aesthetic of Star Wars to modern filmmaking, helped create new loveable characters and revived old characters without …

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The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy (2017) – S02E09

It’s the season finalé of I Have Some Notes! Don’t worry, we’re not leaving you for the summer without giving you something a little something extra special, we’re fixing Tom Cruise’s The Mummy! Okay, okay, so that in and of itself is not particularly special. What is special is that this time Colin, Gregg, Scott and …

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Jurassic World

Jurassic World – S02E08

The dino park is open! The exhibits are amazing, the patrons are having a great time and everything seems like its going great when doggonit! Another dinosaur escapes in a surprisingly stupid way. Well, shoot, we better get Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard to wrangle up those rascals. Join Colin, Gregg, Scott and Anita …

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Side Notes: Upgrades

Side Notes: Upgrades

Achievement Unlocked: Microphones! You have all been loyal troopers listening to our show despite it’s rather average audio quality. Well, dear listener, get ready to have your loyalty rewarded with BETTER THAN AVERAGE SOUND*! Oh, and we also talk about Wonder Woman n’stuff. *Sound quality not guaranteed, may not be available in your area, check …

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One – S02E07

This month we’re wading into the rebellious waters of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A controversial pick, to be sure, a lot of you love this movie, but that doesn’t mean we can tighten the screws a little bit. Plus comedian Liam Creswick joins the cast, and that alone is worth the price of …

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Side Notes: Just Say Fuck!

Side Notes – Just Say F**k!

Comedian Liam Creswick joins the cast as we discuss what we’ve been watching this past month, telling Marvel to please just say fuck or don’t in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Gregg asks that you repeatedly watch the fantastic reboot of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 so Netflix will pick it up for a second season. The …

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Passengers – S02E06

Okay, you’re Chris Pratt, you’ve accidentally woken from stasis on an interstellar cruise ship bound for a planet 90 years away and you’ll die of old age before it ever arrives. Faced with unending loneliness do you: a) attempt to repair your stasis pod, b) play Dance, Dance Revolution for 60 years, c) stalk and then …

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Alien 3

Alien 3 – S02E05

Of the many praises we can shower on the Alien movies, Alien 3 is certainly the one with the highest shaved head count. Colin and Gregg are joined by now I Have Some Notes regulars Scott C. Bourgeois and Erin Beever talk about the thirdest movie in the Alien series. They discuss the plight of young …

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