We Have to Talk About Ghostbusters…Again

Side Notes – We Have to Talk Ghostbusters…Again

Sigh, Ghostbusters was back in the news last month and once again it was for all the wrong reasons as Jason Reitman bungled the roll out of his entry into the franchise. Luckily Danica LeBlanc and Anita Bourgeois stopped by to help us work through our exhausted frustrations.

This episode also marks an I Have Some Notes first, Gregg is sitting in the host chair. Don’t worry, he felt just as uncomfortable with it as you do. Colin will be back in two weeks, so you can relax.

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  1. Hi Zoe, No, unfortunately we wont have the dates until late this year. It is always held in March, and the last 5 years had it somewhere between the 15th and 20th of March. That said, the last two years has seen a change to the dates which caused some big headaches for those that booked early. However, it always is scheduled around this time. Unfortunately, you will need to check back with us and I will update our page as soon as any information regarding dates is made available. Kind regards, Jess

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