The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises – S04E14

Yup, we’re criticizing another DC movie in The Dark Knight Rises. If at this point you feel like we’re just picking on DC film it would be hard for me to disagree, because we’re even rewriting the good ones now. So…fine, we’re DC haters and Marvel fanboys. You caught us. It’s also somehow our second …

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Daredevil (2003)

Daredevil (2003) – S03E07

Today super hero movies are a dime a dozen, but back in 2003 the super party was just getting started and old Benny Affleck was leading the charge. “Put me in a tight red leather suit” he said “animate me jumping all over Hell’s Kitchen, the box office take will be devilish, devilish, I say!” …

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Side Notes: 2017 Movie Round Up

Side Notes: 2017 Movie Round Up

Happy belated New Year fellow armchair screenwriters, we’re celebrating the new year by dwelling on the past, rounding up all the movies we loved and hated from 2017! Yes, Gregg already wrote a Best & Worst article, but who like reading, amiright? Colin, Gregg and Scott also spend some time ruminating on a little indy …

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Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2 – S03E04

Our Christmas episode comes but once a year, so pour yourself an eggnog, cozy up to the fire and listen to the I Have Some Notes crew pick apart your third or possibly fourth favourite Die Hard film, Die Hard 2. For Gregg and Erin this was a tough film to tackle because they actually …

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Side Notes - No Internet

Side Notes – No Internet

It’s the final Side Notes of twenty-seventeen and we are in fine form, let me tell you, mostly struggling with the fact that our recording space has no internet access. Erin Beever joins us to follow up on last month’s discussion regarding the plague of grossness that is Hollywood. Did you hear John Lasseter joined …

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Top Gun

Top Gun – S03E03

German Villegas returns to take on the macho cultural touchstone that is Top Gun. We attempt to find a better way for Tom Cruise to graduate from flight school, hopefully without being smarmy, grinning douche. Gregg and Scott are also on the flight deck, while up in the control tower resuming his hosting duties is …

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Waterworld – S03E02

In the future the polar ice caps have melted and the oceans cover every continent. It’s a world of damp. A world of wet. A world…of water. Waterworld, everybody! Whoo boy, this was a tough sit. Kevin Costner delivers a performance so subdued you’ll think he’s reading from a Shop Vac instruction manual. But no …

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