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Sudden Death

Sudden Death – S04E05

Once upon a time, movie studios saw Jean-Claude Van Damme as an action star they could build a big budget action blockbuster around. Studios would say, “Hey, let’s rent out the Pittsburg Penguins’ arena and drop a helicopter onto a hockey rink…and Van Damme will be there!” Now, in 1995, you might be forgiven for …

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Side Notes: The Bonusode

Side notes: The Bonusode

Bonus content! We’re still on break, but we recorded some bonus content for your back in December in which we recommend some good viewing for you. Currently we’re eyeing an early February return to regular episodes, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news on that front. Here’s what was recommended: Gregg Locke Sorry …

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Side Notes: Celebrity, Social Media & Toxic Fandom

Side Notes: Celebrity, Social Media & Toxic Fandom

Let’s be honest, it hasn’t been a great year for fandom, Star Wars fandom in particular. With social media tools at their disposal, toxic fans have plunged their spiteful light sabers deep into the chests of the very people responsible for bringing their favourite characters to life. It’s been incredibly frustrating and sad to witness. …

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Street Fighter The Movie

Street Fighter – S03E06

Well, we probably bit off more than we could chew with this one. Usually we stay away from movies of the page-one-rewrite variety, content to tighten the screw of more mediocre movies, but Street Fighter was such a notorious flop we couldn’t resist. In the end there was little choice but to essentially pitch a …

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Side Notes: 2017 Movie Round Up

Side Notes: 2017 Movie Round Up

Happy belated New Year fellow armchair screenwriters, we’re celebrating the new year by dwelling on the past, rounding up all the movies we loved and hated from 2017! Yes, Gregg already wrote a Best & Worst article, but who like reading, amiright? Colin, Gregg and Scott also spend some time ruminating on a little indy …

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