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The Mighty Ducks – S04E01

Did you miss us? Sure, we were only gone a couple months but I bet you missed us. Movies can’t fix themselves, right?

Season 4 is upon us and so is, coincidentally, the hockey season. In light of that fact we dusted off an old sports classic from your childhood, The Mighty Ducks, a movie more fond of flatulence than Brett Kavanaugh.

Joining us on the bench this month is Mighty Duck’s super fan Danielle Newman who claims to watch it twice a year(!). She also claimed the Edmonton Oilers themselves once employed the “flying V”, and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t right.

Enough of my scribblings, smack that play button to hear our pitch for a better Mighty Ducks movie.


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  1. Laury R Plant October 4, 2018

    Finger Nails thing:
    I understand the observation about why the girl would be made to do that as the ‘not paying attention’…but when I played hockey growing up, I had gloves too small. My nails always chipped and eventually the nail beds bled. I was always taking off my gloves and taking them off and checking my nails (and eventually chewing them to a nub to help stop the pain…a habit I continued into adulthood to my shame)
    Doubt it was that as an excuse, but maaaaaaybe? I dunno. Doubtful. Certainly chosen as the ‘female trait’. But it did make me think ‘hey I did that all the time too…’

    • beevbo October 10, 2018 — Post author

      As casual sexism goes it was pretty innocent, for sure. A small blemish on a movie that was kind of surprisingly progressive, for a 90s movie.

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